The CLIMHYDEX (“Changes in climate extremes and associated impact in hydrological events in Romania”) project is supported by the Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFSCDI) as a 4 year (2012-2016) Complex Exploratory Research Project (PCCE), cod PNII-ID-2011-2-0073), under the contract nr. 5/2012.05.11.

The project is coordinated by dr. Aristita Busuioc.

The general objective of this project is to improve our knowledge in understanding the complex mechanisms controlling the variability of the most important weather/climate extremes occurring in Romania at various time scales, to estimate the uncertainty associated to their projections in the future perturbed climate and to quantify climate change impact on hydrological regime, focusing on extremes events.

More specific objectives are the follows:

  • Identify the main observed variability features  of a wide range of climate extremes in Romania mainly connected to hydrological extremes (flood and drought) at a spatial and temporal scale never used before;
  • Study in deep the large-scale/regional-scale mechanisms controlling the variability of selected extremes in Romania on various time scale;
  • Developing of  improved statistical downscaling models (SDMs) to estimate the local climate extremes and various parameters used in hydrological models;
  • Estimation of future changes in various climate parameters including extreme indices and associated uncertainty;
  • Developing of improved hydrological models (HDMs) for  pilot hydrological basins at various spatial and temporal scale;
  • Estimation of future changes in selected hydrological extremes and estimation of the associated uncertainties;
  • Quantification of the water resources vulnerability to climatic change and the establishment of the necessary adaptation measures in pilot river basins.